Believe (Cree en ti)

Believe is a song with a motivational message. I wrote it both for myself and for all those who sometimes doubt about their qualities. It is normal for artists in general to have moments of doubt, because we are exposed to criticism in a more vulnerable way than most people.

Make no mistake, whatever you do, you will be criticized, so it is important that you protect yourself, separating yourself from your work so that you understand that "the work" is not you. This does not mean that you are not responsible for what you have created, but we must understand that criticism is a subjective opinion, it is not an absolute truth.

I give you an example, one day you cook a particular dish and maybe it doesn't come out very well, maybe the ingredients you chose were not the right ones, or in the right measure, or you just weren't inspired. The next week you cook the same dish, and it turns out delicious and everyone congratulates you for it.
Believe me, even the best cooks in the world have had bad days, and has cooked mediocre dishes, especially when one is learning, or experiencing something new.

We are something much deeper and more complex than a song, a sculpture, a painting, a book, or a creation. All artists are criticized, especially visionaries.
In reality, many people are dedicated to criticizing others for any decision they make in their lives. These are insecure people, who are afraid to make their own decisions, who are envious, or who do not have the sensitivity to understand the effort behind something.

Sometimes the criticism can come from a person very close to you, a family member or a friend. Don't let criticism offend you, get something positive out of it (if there is any) and continue with your work. Of course, do not hesitate to stay away from those people who try to sabotage or stop your way.
I see music the same way, each song is a dish that you have cooked and some people may like it more than other, but as long as you put love and dedication in it, you can be proud. Celebrate your successes, however small they may be. Write the positive comments, post them on the wall, to remind you that there are people for whom what you have done means a lot, and has inspired them in some way. 
There is always light at the end of the tunnel
there is always something good ahead
Pour your wicked pain through the funnel
and fill your broken heart with fearless faith

Just believe

When your legs can’t hold you for much longer
when your life is just too much to bear
when the world is bearing down your shoulders
when you feel you’re running out of air

Just believe

I know that your love will keep me strong
I’m not alone, I’m not alone
I can feel the cold in my bones
but you keep me warm, your love is warm

there is always light at the end of the tunnel
all this clouds will go away one day

Written, recorded and produced by Javier Moreno Olivares, in Barcelona, March 2020